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Power Bill Evaluation

Rate hike coming for TECO, FP&L utility customers- Fox13 Tampa Bay

“FP&L’s rate plan spans the next four years and supports long-term investments in infrastructure, clean energy and technology. This includes about 16-million new solar panels across more than 50 new sites, enough to power roughly 1 million homes.”

Residential customers to bear brunt of $1.5 billion FPL rate hike- Miami Herald

Florida’s utility regulators approved a record-setting $1.53 billion increase in rates for Florida Power & Light customers over the next four years, setting in motion an opportunity for the state’s largest electric utility to automatically raise customers’ bills, hitting residential clients hardest.

Home Solar Systems provide a clean means of lowering utility costs for homeowners.

Start Saving On Day #1

Instant utility Savings

The Sunshine State is perfect for home solar. The sun provides thousands of hours each year of power, and by capturing it, you will immediately see savings.

federal tax credit

Depending on tax status, you could take advantage of both State and Federal tax credits, and possibly rebates depending on current policy debate results.

rising rates protection

Protect yourself from rising rates by capturing and using the sun’s energy instead of the corporate electric companies overpriced power.

increases value of home

Resale value on a home with a solar system installed is proven to increase. Solar energy is desired amongst home buyers, and you build equity on day #1.

Environment friendly

Sustainable energy is the wave of the future. As solar technology advances, Sunbility is right there to offer the latest in sustainable home power.

24/7 monitoring

Monitor your system day or night. as we do the same for you. We offer system monitoring WITH the client, to make sure your system is always running.

produce your home’s energy with the latest in solar technology

Relax. Sunbility’s Got This.

Talk to one of our experienced installers, and find out how much energy your home currently uses, and how much money you can save with home solar, for as little as $0 out of pocket and the best financing and leasing options in the industry. Solar may not be right for you. Call us today to find out.

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“Sunbility’s Team was very methodical in explaining the entire process. They are dedicated to making their customers happy. They coordinated everything through FPL, HOA, & the county permit office without a glitch! The installation team’s technical ability and quality of work was excellent!”

Daniel B.

link to Sunbility website

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