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What is the difference between thermal (hot water) solar and PV (photovoltaic) solar?
Thermal solar is the heating of water with the sun’s rays either for in-home use or heating your swimming pool. PV uses the sun’s energy to make electricity. Mechanically, they are very different systems, but both are awesome!

What does “grid tied” mean?
Grid tied means the electricity you produce goes directly into your meter. Your house, appliances, and lifestyle won’t know the difference between your solar power or the utility power.

Will I have power during a blackout?
With grid-tied solar systems, when the grid goes down, so does the solar power system. This is a built-in safety feature.

Can I have power during a blackout?
Absolutely! We are certified with SMA for battery backup/micro-grid systems that we can design to run your home or business under almost any circumstance.

What is interconnection?
That is how you connect to your utility grid with your solar system. Your utility company has an agreement in place that we guide you through. Every utility service is a little different, but don’t worry, we’re experts in them all.

What is metering?
Metering is the system in place to work with your power company as a co-generator. You either pay for or keep the net difference between the kilowatts you make and use each month.

What is the federal tax credit for solar?
A 30% tax credit on the full amount of your solar project is now available from the federal government. When the time comes to prepare your taxes, fill out Form 5695 and turn it in with your taxes. Go to http://energy.gov/savings/residential-renewable-energy-tax-credit for more information.

Should I get polly or mono solar panels?
In Florida, mono (or monocrystalline) panels are the best option. They are better suited for our hot temperatures. They are the premium option, but the return over the short and long term is well worth it.

What is the best inverter?
The brand and type of inverter (string, micro, or hybrid) used is really dependent on your particular application. We install and service SMA Solar Edge and Enphase inverters. The best option for you can be easily determined and explained with our no-obligation site assessment.

How long does it take?
Generally, we like to have everything done within three weeks or less for PV and one week for solar hot water. Having said that, there are many variables involved with each project, and some of them are out of our control in regard to the completion date. We will do everything to expedite your project and get you making power ASAP.

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