If you own a home in Florida, you have the opportunity to conserve energy and improve the value of your property. The goal of Sunbility is to guide you through the process of going solar.  Here is what you can expect from us…

residential solar

  • A representative from our sales team will perform a simple yet thorough, no-obligation energy evaluation of your home.  They will educate you on how solar will impact your electric bill and offer options to lower your costs with our energy saving solutions. Our experience with financing and knowledge on the tax credits you are entitled to are available to you as we help you finalize your agreements for your new Photovoltaic (PV) system.  
  • Once all agreements are approved our in-house team will contact you to schedule a pre-site, one of the homeowners must be home to sign the NOC (Notice of Commencement).  The information collected will be sent to our engineers to design the preliminary design for your PV layout .
  • Once you agree on the preliminary design it will be submitted for permitting.  This process takes time as it depends on your local jurisdictions.
  • Once the permits have been approved your installation will be scheduled within the next week.  Installation should take 1-2 days depending on the layout.  After installation someone 18 years or older must be present for the Inspection.  
  • Once inspection is approved we will submit your interconnection through your local utility provider to connect your new PV system to the grid.  This last part can take up to 30 days.  Once interconnection is complete we walk you through the instructions on how to turn your system on with access to your portal to monitor your new PV system.

This process takes time and management to detail and our team is there with you every step of the way with weekly/biweekly updates keeping you in the know.  We warranty our work for the first five years, during that time we monitor your system to take action before anything becomes an issue with free on-site service fees waived.  After that we are happy to offer our service for maintenance or upgrades.