Extend Your Pool Season with Solar Pool Heaters in Tampa, FL

Sometimes it gets cool in your pool. Instead of swimming in cold water, let Sunbility provide a better solution. We install solar pool heaters in Tampa, FL, that are an efficient and cost-effective way to heat your pool. Not only do they ensure a comfortable swim, but most solar pool heating systems don’t need extra power to operate. They simply use your existing pool pump to move filtered, heated water through the panels and back to your pool. In addition, they reduce your heating costs and carbon footprint.

Make a Splash in a Warm Pool

When the winter months are here, your swimming pool becomes nothing more than a landscape feature. Make use of it all year long. Fortunately, because Florida rarely goes a day or two without sun, you’ll always enjoy a pool that is warm and inviting when we install solar pool heating panels. Host a pool party, take a morning or evening dip, or spend time relaxing with your family by the pool. All your options are open when you’re not limited by the weather. Schedule a consultation with our solar energy company today about a solar pool heating system.

Even though we have a very small winter season in Florida, it still gets very cold on some days–far too cold to swim. However, if swimming in the pool is one of your favorite activities, then you’ll be left to the whims of Old Man Winter. Let us chase the winter blues away by providing solar pool heater installation. After installation, it will run smoothly for as long as 20 years–even more–with proper maintenance.

Reduce Pool Heating Costs

It takes money to maintain a pool. When you have a pool heater, those costs go up even more. Instead of depending on the electric company for power, why not heat it with the power of the sun? Depending on the make and model you buy, it pays for itself after about two years. So, if you plan you to live in your house for many years, your pool actually pays you back.

Contact us for more information about our state-of-the-art solar pool heaters. We proudly serve residential and commercial clients throughout Tampa and the central Florida area.

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